Discovering Daddy – Released

Discovering Daddy - Medium CoverMy newest story, Discovering Daddy, is officially released. If you’re interested in explicit, hot fucking between an older man and a younger woman it’s worth checking out.

For a limited time I’m making this release available on Sellfy, a secure online shopping cart especially for digital downloads. If you check out Discovering Daddy on Sellfy you’ll see that it’s only $0.99, half the cost of Smashwords and Amazon.



Buy Discovering Daddy for $0.99 (TXT PDF MOBI EPUB)

Continue reading for a sexy little preview…

“Yes, oh God, fuck me baby! Your little pussy is so tight. Call me Daddy! Do it, call me Daddy!”

Ryan’s moaning sent a tingle up my back. I was riding his cock hard, feeling it slide in and and out of my wet little hole. I thought about his request for half a second, looked down into his face, felt myself blush, and went with it.

“Oh, Daddy! I love your dick. I love the way you fuck me Daddy, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop!”

“Oh honey! Oh my sweet little girl, you are so fucking hot. You’re such a good girl, Sarah. You’re my good girl,” Ryan moaned, looking up at me in adoration.

This new game made me melt inside. When he called me his good girl, my nipples crinkled up and I felt the beginning of an orgasm building in my tummy. I knew that I loved this game as soon as the words left my mouth.

I decided to take it further and felt my pussy squeezing down on his hard shaft as I started to cum, “Oh, I’m cumming Daddy. I’m cumming all over your big dick! Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl hard!”

I lost all control after that. I remembered grinding my hips down into Ryan’s as hard as I could, rubbing my clit against him while I trembled and moaned and came again and again. I remembered calling him Daddy over and over, and feeling the heat of his thick cock inside of me as my pussy squeezed down. I barely remember hearing him tell me that he was going to cum too, calling me his little girl and telling me how sweet and sexy I was while he blew his warm, sticky load deep inside of me.

When it was all over and we had come to our senses, I looked into his blue eyes and giggled, “I’m your girl, Daddy. I’m all yours.”

Buy Discovering Daddy for $0.99 (TXT PDF MOBI EPUB)

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  1. Wow, just got a copy and it’s really hot.

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